I Showed you Mine, Now Show me Yours

Inspired by my Professional Practice course, here are my thoughts on my career and my future.

For the last 7 years that I have lived in Vancouver, I have been talking about my 10 year plan. This plan includes owning a winery, having chickens, and my own stairs. As I am now about 5 years into that plan and don't make wine, but drink it, and don't have chickens, but buy eggs, and don't have my own stairs, but have the stairs in my building, I thought it was about time to re-evaluate my life.

Currently, my job is quite demanding, chaotic, and fast-paced, but I like it that way. I am, and always have been,  a "fixer" and this is what I spend time doing everyday. I develop programs and ensure the organization is compliant with the standards set out by the regulators. I develop materials, and train people how to use them. I manage programs and I teach them. I graduated with a degree in education, and all this "fixing" was not part of my original career plan, but when the opportunity came to change things up in my life, I took it.

I like learning new things; addicted to it in a sense. Since changing jobs about a year ago, from teaching to administration, I have learned that there are many schools out there that do not have curriculum, that do not offer professional development workshops for their teachers, and do not have a clue about compliance. Which leads me to...

This is all speculation a this point, but I feel comfortable in saying that this is where I might end up in 5 years. Consulting.

I would like to work with other organizations on creating a core curriculum that adheres to education quality assurance. Work with them to implement in-house professional development systems that begin with new hires, and continue until 10 year anniversaries. I would like to advise on regulatory compliance for those who get lost in the bylaws.

I addition to this, I would still like to keep one foot planted in teaching. I currently teach a TESOL program and find it the most fulfilling part of my job. I will continue teaching this program and look for opportunities to teach programs like this (and the PIDP) at other schools.

When I complete this PID program, I might pursue other courses to help in my daily life like:
leadership courses

Or I have been considering taking an online Master's Program. Even if I only want to apply for a curriculum development job at a university, the minimum requirement is a Master's. Some programs I have been looking into are:
The 25 Best Online Master in Curriculum and Instruction Degree Programs

And finally, to get my mind racing even more about the prospect of consulting, from a place where I make my own wine, have my own chickens, and have my own stairs, I will read this article about the importance of professional development by Education World and take notes:)

What's your 5 year plan?


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