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BOPPPS Lesson Planning Framework

Do you fret about having too much teacher-talk-time in your lessons? Do you worry about whether or not your students are actually learning what you are teaching them?

Here's an infographic I made on the BOPPPS lesson planning framework. This framework ensures learners are actively engaged and emphasizes student-talking-time and student-centered learning.

Be sure to click the link in the infographic to be directed to additional resources that will help you stop all the explaining and lecturing. Remember: telling is not teaching.

Hope you like it!

A Lollipop Changed my Life

A few years ago, I watched a TedTalk by Drew Dudley called “Everyday Leadership”. In five minutes, he was able to capture everything I felt defined me as a person. He spoke about things I had felt and was never able to put into words. Before his talk, I did not define myself as a leader, but according to him, I was and did not even know it.
Everyday leadership is the concept that we all have the power to impact the lives of other people. The simplest of actions could have the power to change the course of someone’s life. That is what leadership is in a nutshell. It might be as simple as offering someone, let’s use Sarah as an example, a lollipop when she is feeling her worst. That lollipop might change her mood enough to have her make a different decision that could change the course of her life. That is truly powerful. The kicker is that the person who gave the lollipop might not even remember that moment. People have that kind of power and they do not even recognize it.
I have been t…