Professional Shout Out

I work at ILAC and ILAC International College as a teacher trainer, curriculum developer, and program manager. I have had the pleasure over the last 9 years of working with very passionate, motivated, and inspiring teachers.

The purpose of this page is to give a professional shout out to their hard work and commitment to life-long learning. I will post links to their achievements and hope that they inspire other teachers as they have inspired me.

Alana's website is full of tried-and-tested lesson plans that maximise opportunities for communication while avoiding inauthentic tasks such as worksheets and gapfills. She provides easy and complete lesson plans from start to finish at

Nessa's idea is simple: create "top ten" lists of the best stuff she finds and the best stuff she knows. On top of that she gives inspiring advice tips and strategies that she's developed while teaching ESL everyday. She's there to help students learn English at

Alana and Nessa would be excited to hear from you!


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