Cooperative Learning

Lesson planning is a cinch now that I have reduced my plans to post-it size where I answer these 3 questions:
1) what material do I have to cover today?
2) what verbs am I going to use to get my students involved?
3) how am I going to follow up?

Now, I have more time to think about making the lesson relevant and meaningful.

Teaching dense courses with lots of reading can be a daunting task when thinking about student engagement. I believe that each presentation of content must be followed up with a learning activity of some kind. This is an important step in a lesson because it will answer the questions am I enjoying teaching this class and are they enjoying learning this class?

Getting students involved in the learning process is a great strategy to keep everyone motivated, even the teacher! Here is a learning activities guide for cooperative learning  from Kwantlin University. It's quite dense, but there are different categories for activities. You don't have to read it all, but when planning lessons, it can be a tool in your tool box to help with question 2 above. I am kind of a geek when it comes to lesson planning and objectives.


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