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Concept Checking Questions (CCQs)

“Right?” “Does that make sense?” “Cool?” “OK?”  These are all variations of the question "do you understand?" and these types of questions are ineffective at checking your student's understanding. Instead, it is better to ask concept check questions (CCQs).

What is a CCQ? What can it check for?

A concept checking question is designed to highlight the core the meaning of the lesson's target, whether that's a concept, language, communicative functions, or really, for anytime you want to ask, “Do you understand?” The objective of concept checking is through critical thinking learners will enhance their learning of a target by adding to what they already know.

By using CCQs:
You can draw out what your learners knowLearners get to participate in the learning process of discovering and understanding the new targetLearners articulate their knowledgeYou can clarify and add to their knowledge  Golden rules for using CCQs:
Plan CCQs in advanceAsk questions that are simpleDi…