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Building a Sense of Community

New Insights In reading these articles, it is clear that educators are faced with many challenges as classrooms shift to online platforms. Both curriculum and instructional design developers and instructors are having to keep digital delivery in mind. Without this feature, courses are less flexible and interest-driven. From the student perspective, courses that are up-to-date and open are more worth the money they spend on the classes. The use of e-books and open courseware will save the student money, while ensuring the content they are learning is more suited to the reality they are facing everyday, not ten years ago. Moving forward, there will be a new role for learners as content contributors and decision makers in the development of curriculum.
Trends The trends in curriculum development and online learning are:
Educators and learners collaborating on course development
Critical thinking and communication skills being maintained as core skills
Choosing who to learn from through c…