Hello and thanks you for checking out my blog!

I love geeking out about teaching and all things related to learning as part of the 12–step program I am on as you read in my biography.

It doesn't matter if your a teacher with 20 years of experience or you are new to the profession, it's good to bounce ideas off someone else and reflect on your own practice. 

Some of the posts I have written explore topics that reference other language schools in the area, things that are happening in the news, and my own experiences at work. I am not an expert in the field and I do not have credentials in all of these areas. I do have a degree in education, certifications in TESOL, EAP, curriculum developments and adult education. Other areas discussed in this blog that do not fall under those categories are purely opinion based. 

With that said, I do refer to the company I work for, our competitors, and our regulators. Again, I caution you to research these matters on your own and take my words as opinions. I am using this blog to express my thoughts about what I do everyday.

You can email me directly at I answer emails as quickly as possible.

Hope to hear from you!


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