and the Survey Says...

Do teachers need more support in using technology in the classroom? Absolutely. Here are the results from a survey conducted by the Samsung Educator Academy (2015). Professional development is key, and more institutions need to get on board with teacher training. The more tools teachers have in their toolboxes, the better the student experience they can build. More thoughts on this topic have been included in my reflection papers for Media Enhanced Learning posted in the side menu of this blog.


  1. This comment hits home with me. Thanks for that. "My personal teaching philosophy is that satisfying teaching experiences come from designing worthwhile learning experiences. In my research, I have found some who support my position on the student experience. To achieve this, I believe we need to consider the expectations of the instructor, the institution, and the student." Great comment. All three are important because one cannot teach or learn without the other. So many times I have taken classes (over many years). Teaching and learning has changed so much - the student is now important is not there simply to absorb and believe every thing. The student now has the opportunity to give their opinions, discuss their own learning and questions. How great is that?

  2. I agree that teaching and learning have changed so much. The 3-way partnership I talk about have become an important element in growth and success (for all 3). Moving classroom teaching away from traditional methods has opened the floor to all opinions, and I agree; it is a great thing!


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