Instructional Strategies

Our next stop on this educational journey is a course on instructional strategies. I will be looking at the value of various instructional strategies from Elizabeth Barkley's Student Engagement Techniques. 

I will continue to update this blog and discuss the benefits and limitations of using blogs and forums as forms of instruction and assessment. I will analyze my own blog and highlight the findings of a forum I will facilitate over the next few months on creative thinking. 

The last component of this course will be a digital instructional strategies project.  Possible strategies, at first glance of the textbook, I am considering for this project are:
  1. Team Jeopardy (p. 174)
  2. Analytic Teams (p. 207)
  3. Team Concept Maps (p. 218) and Class Books (p. 243) 
  4. Learning Log (p. 324)
  5. Resource Scavenger Hunt (p. 345)


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